Captivating audiences with their emotive blend of ambient rock, The New Fiction brings their wide-ranging musical backgrounds seamlessly together to create their distinctive, dynamic sound. Both live and in the studio, their energy and expressiveness create an edgy and unique brand of pop rock. Coming together in early 2003, Ryan Miller, Erica Linnert, Michelle Grim, and Lee Ali formed on the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA as The New Fiction. Having toured and recorded together under Sun Studio’s 706 Records as “Folly”, Ryan (lead guitars) and Erica (drums) brought their time-tested connection to the project. With a style that is both melodic and high-powered, Ryan’s fierce and edgy play meshes effortlessly with Erica’s unwavering and intense beats. Drawing on years of successful touring experiences with “Folly”, as well as Scat Records “Thee Speaking Canaries” and Rusted Root side-project “Lovechild”, Ryan knew the project needed a singer with a compelling sound and bass player who could supply a driving force. Former vocalist for “Out of the Blue”, Michelle (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) had been playing for live audiences in Pittsburgh as a solo singer/songwriter, but craved collaboration. Now with The New Fiction, the weight of Michelle’s confidently distinctive melodies are carried atop the band’s musically hypnotic compositions. Lee (bass) brings his magnetic grooves to Pittsburgh after a trip through the South via Virginia as a member of Seventh Effect Recording Group’s hard-rock outfit “Janck”. With Erica and Lee providing the rhythmic backbone for the band, Ryan and Michelle have ample room to explore haunting melodies and resonant layers. With audience response the fuel for their fire, The New Fiction provides a relentless set designed to invoke the art of listening. With guitar-led orchestration, they pry open the most emotional of soundscapes. The New Fiction’s finely-tuned evocative voice baits the curiosity, sways the crowd, and carries itself well on CD with quality rivaled only by the sincerity and charisma of their onstage presence.

Under the Weight

Alternative Pop Rock
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