OK, this is a kind of spoof site where 'tongue in cheek' 'humor' 'parody' 'irreverence' 'cynicism' and downright rudeness go hand in hand. Jillianne needed a special place to speak out and not worry about offending anyone or being politically correct... because it's all done in the name of fun, art and poetic license !


Alternative Rap
h h

I'm glad I don't live in The U S of A
Big and loud (The American way)

Contemporary Country
h h


h h

Let's have another beer
Country with a cynical twist

Alternative Country Rock
h h

Will we ever exit BREXIT ?
Slow Blues with a plea for the end to BREXIT

h h

Confessions at The Church of Indie Music People

Electronic Jazz Fusion
h h

Get Back No No
"Sweet Loretta Fart thought she was a cleaner but she was a frying pan" a musical interpretation

h h

Class Discrimination and my friend Edgar
Jolly little tale

alternative folk pop
h h

Light Rock backing, narration and chorus (chanting style backing) Harry Harry, Harry Rama, Harry Potter, Potterama

h h

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