Embracing progressive and rock genres with a hint of new wave, best describes Cold Shelter

The pop rock essence of Cold Shelter is a blend of blues and progressive music with a touch of new wave. Band formed in Montreal on November 2019 is composed of Ben Grenier, Dominic Siciliano and JF Lachaine.

The musical backdrop supported by the bass lines of JF Lachaine layered with the rock inspired guitar tracks of Dominic Siciliano and Ben Grenier’s progressive drums and piano define the sound.

The main writing team of Siciliano and Grenier have blended their individual talents into a flawless union. Melody & purpose in the hopes of reaching the listener..

I Will

Alternative Pop Rock
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Cold Shelter are in the studio, starting a new project for 2020,
The album will be called ""The Missing Piece""
They already selected 12 songs for this project,

Coming out in March 2020
First release single ""I WILL"" on December 18 2019

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Cold Shelter