The Sir Weeze was raised by monks in Eastern Europe, after his small Indian village on the beaches of Goa in which he was raised was torched to the ground by men later to be revealed as ancestors to ex-tyrannic ruler Slobodan Milosevic. There he was vocally trained by what history has later revealed to be one of the first known Gregorian Choirs. One monk in particular named him Sirvenius Weezengrautinich, meaning ""Chest of Fire Without Regard"". Seeking more dynamic in his life, he fled to Denmark where he was a simple farmhand, where he built dexterity in his hands and strength in his arms by throwing around gigantic bales of hay in the lush fields of Copenhagen. From there he migrated to Spain, settling in Barcelona and drinking day and night until he was deported for stealing horses.

With nowhere else to go and no more booze, he sobered up and rode on a barge for two weeks until he ended up in the United States, where he shortened his name to ""Sir Weeze"" for convienence's sake. He became exposed to electric guitar and found a Tascam 414 laying in the garbage one day, and went and bought a Radioshack microphone for $8. He began to record comedy songs, but it was mostly crap, with emphasis on haphazardly throwing together abstract ideas, loosely forming songs. Evidence of this is rampant throughout the first three full-length Sir Weeze albums, ""What Am I Doing?"", ""Genetic Disaster"", and ""Spite Makes the World Go 'Round"". Not coincidentally, these albums were concieved while Sir Weeze was 17, 18 and 19, respectively.

Fortunately for everyone with ears and a brain, Sir Weeze is considered a perpetual work-in-progress, with 2002's ""Self Parody"" being a substantial step forward. A decision was also made to create a ""Best of Old School Sir Weeze"", so that when a citizen asks to hear some of the older comedy songs, he or she doesn't have to sit through bullshit like ""Flare"" and ""I Don't Know"".

Sir Weeze has since been split into two separate entities, with the comedy stuff staying as Sir Weeze and the more ""serious"", musically focused work to now be under the handle Self Parody, because that's not nearly confusing enough.

Internet Superhero
lots of guitars and falsetto vocals attack you as i perpetually PWN you until the world of the universe is over forever

h h

The No-Chance-In-Hell Game
chronicling the pain and frustration involved with going up against the computer in Madden '06 when it won't let you win under any circumstance... hence the No-Chance-In-Hell game

h h

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