Fuji Heavy was formed in early 2003 after some random email postings on Brighton-Life yielded positive reponses (for a change). After several misses with a post consisting of ‘looking for musicians into VU/Pixies’, Mr. Brown had started to lose faith when Andy Le Gresley responded with a breath of fresh air on the scene.

In late 2003, after a dreadful drumming experience went monstrously wrong, it was suggested to try out a friend of Andy’s, Ali Gavan. Ali was a multi-intrumentalist who was also a member of no less than 3 bands at the time. Bryn Mabey and brother, Alex, joined the crew as the bass and axeman respectively to form a tight knit crew which formed the modern day Fuji sound.

Early in 2004, Fuji Heavy released a 3 song demo to various zines and some select radio stations which were well received. The Fuj branched out to start playing shows in London, BBC Sessions, as well as featured on Juice FM live during Brighton Live week. Then, they received the opportunity to open up for one of their heroes, Pere Ubu. The result was a big success and they will be releasing their 1st EP, ‘The Revenge of Fuji Heavy’, in mid-January 2006.

A little diddy about baking in the sun and reading the tabloids. Oh how we love the tabloids....Makes me feel warm and tingly inside..

h h

Intergallactic Love
The one is about the procreation of man with impending doom imposing on a lonely spacestation that has been inhabited by a lovely family.....

h h

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