Sjoerd started recording music three years ago in an attic in Antwerp surrounded by mice and coffee. His musical goal was to sound like Iggy Pop trying to impress PJ Harvey by impersonating Prince singing a murder ballad. He's not there yet. Not even close. He's recorded about 30 to 40 songs these last few years and will probably rotate them on this page as well as on The first two songs on this page are two of the first three songs He's ever recorded in a studio. The rest of the songs are recorded at home on my 4track cassette. They might be available later, since we're trying to figure out how to reduce some of the hiss. We all would like you to download this music.
Since 200666: Sjoerd is no longer solo but a band called Black Cassette. For some reason, it is impossible to change the Artist Name on this page. Here it is, though: BLACK CASSETTE. Recognize.
Besides this, Sjoerd is also a member of the Belgian group Sukilove (


Let Me In
A moaning stomper.

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Need a Girl

Field Recording
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We will be performing at:
Petrol, Antwerp on the 8th of April.

Also, check for a string of live dates in Belgium and The Netherlands.

The new Sukilove lp is called "Good Is In Your Bones" and has been released by PIAS in Belgium and The Netherlands in Sept. 2006 and by Parasol Records in the US (first half of 2007).
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About a Girl

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