Once upon the late 1990s, before the internet made the world a smaller place, in the isolation of a tiny mining town called Kirkland Lake, a group of kids got together and called themselves The Deefons. Shane came from Swank and Cragmatic Pope. YeTI, Ty and Marco came from Harem. They were named for the family of imaginary friends that one member had as a child. The imaginary Deefons lived in a pile of hay down the alley sometime in the early 1980s. The musical Deefons recorded two albums. "Clippings From The Edge of The Road" was recorded in August 1998 in a small basement studio using the $1200 they had made playing in a bar before the most of them were old enough to be there. "Sunset" was recorded by Ryan (of Cragmatic Pope and Groundstate) in his basement in August 1999 with a 4-track and a couple of Pentium (1) computers. Since 2009 much of their music has been available for free online.

The Deefons:
Shane Willard: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
YeTI : Bass, Guitar
Tyler Tessier: Guitar, Bass
Marc Milot: Drums (Clippings)
Ben Gardiner: Drums (Sunset)
Jen McLenaghan: Keyboards/Vocals (Clippings)
Hugh Dawg: Live Keys/contributing songwriter (Sunset era)

Full Album Downloads:

Facebook Fan Page:

Sweet Perfect Nothing (YeTI on bass)

Sonora (Jen on backup vocals)

Shane's other music :

A collection (The Deefons, Cragmatic Pope, The Sky Hits The Ground, Reset The World)

SWANK (singing guitar as mighty jerkulese)

The Theme Song (Instrumental)
Meant to sound like cartoon theme song. Was the theme for Ronnie Rodent's morning show on pirate radio station Radio Xanadu in the UK.

h h

Two Sides To Every Face
Spent a couple of weeks in the KIAC big 50, first song played on Dungeon Radio, featured on Ronnie Rodent's best of 2009 broadcast part 1, and recently featured on Campground Pirate Radio. See side bar to check out broadcast.

h h

Hardcore Love Song
The song with the girl singing. Made it to semi-final in 2009 Year of the Indie open song contest in Punk\Emo\Ska. Much dirty sexy love to anyone who voted for it.

Girl Punk
h h

Liquid Talent
Just tell the truth about what's inside and you will find.

h h

Steak and Potatoes
Reached #1 on Punk/Emo/Ska charts....three times, and proud recipient of the Mike Lively Seal of Approval.

skate punk
h h

Don't throw your heart away cuz you might need it for someday when someone comes along who understands.

h h

Written for high school sweetheart.

h h

The Death of Cool
Cool is a four letter word.

h h

Today's The Day

h h

My Heroes
IT'S MORPHIN TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found a video made by DragonRanger with Power Rangers footage. We didn't have anything to do with making it (besides the music of course) but we think it's badass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYUyKx2rSEs

h h



h h


Pop Punk
h h

Tits Underwater (Instrumental)

Hard Alternative
h h

Wild Turkeys (Turkey Trilogy part 1)
A song about killer turkeys.

h h

Wild People (Turkey Trilogy part 2)
The events of Wild Turkeys (part 1) from the turkey's point of view.

h h

One Wish
Original recording August 1999, remixed sept. 2009.

h h

Deefons Circus


h h

DMD Compact Disc Online

Punk/Emo/Ska  info  

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Fade to Black

1/29/2009 10:55:49 AM
Hey guys, we dig your stuff, good to see all the songs up now too!


1/26/2009 12:16:16 PM
Thanks for the tip on the ChewToy song!
I re-upped it and am listening now, so it does work!
I appreciate the heads-up!


The Man With No Band

1/22/2009 8:01:26 PM
Where on earth did all the songs go ? ... Glad they are still up for streamin ... I'm really enjoying my sit ... really cool stuff ... Just now got up to "Carpet World" ... and digging the sound ... Hell they're all pretty good ... Right now I'm diggin' "Shlong" ... how cool is that ? ... oh I'm supposed to be answering not asking questions here ...

I'm definitely comin' back here ...

See ya soon !

The Man With No Band

1/22/2009 4:23:50 PM
Ha ! ... sorry about that ... I was just making a mental note to myself to get back here and check out your stuff when I could give it a serious listen ... guess I accidentally typed my mental note ... (actually it was a failed attempt at warped humor) ... :)

Just saw you showing up on the blogs and thought I'd tip toe over and have a good listen ... which, right now I have to go out for a bit ... but when I return this is my first stop ... until then ... have a great evening !

The Man With No Band

1/22/2009 9:19:57 AM
I'll be back when I have time to be proper ... or at the proper time ... or in the proper proper ... until then ....



1/10/2009 5:57:42 PM
Love hearing the Deefons!

Shane Willard

12/17/2008 4:28:13 AM

The Mighty Jerkules

12/13/2008 6:11:21 AM



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November 2011 -

Minions release The Sky Hits The Ground www.unsignedbandweb.com/minons

Dungeon Radio#15 features live bootleg of Two Sides to Every Face .

July+Sept 2011- Two Sides to Every Face and Hardcore Love Song featured on new "Flashback" segment of Dungeon Radio. (sessions 11+14)

April'09/April'11- Hardcore Love Song and Steak and Potatoes (a clean version) on Limelight Radio. Original broadcast 04/17/09 recently made downloadable along with their entire archive. Features IAC punk bands The Deefons, The Pain, Schwimmbad, and the Jim Carol Band. Show #34 (Indie Punk) http://bit.ly/hSgmHD

Jan 27/2011 - Two Sides to Every Face featured on Campground Pirate Radio check it out here : http://campgroundpirateradio.com/2011/01/cpr-025-campground-pirate-radio-podcast/

"Two Sides to Every Face" and "Hardcore Love Song", and "Liquid Talent" featured in first 3 broadcasts of Dungeon Radio. http://www.dungeon-radio.com/#/home/

"Two Sides to Every Face" featured in Ronnie Rodent's best of 2009 part 1 on Xanadu Pirate Radio in the UK...cool...download the broadcast here : http://www.mediafire.com/?mznw2ydzijz

Found a video for "My Heroes" made by DragonRanger with Power Rangers footage. We didn't have anything to do with making it (besides the music of course) but we think it's badass.

Some dude uses Theme Song in a youtube video with cool bike. Neato Mosquito.

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