Slick was born in Kansas City to a Sicilian/Italian family of championship boxers and musicians. Like Slick's cousin the late great Tony Canzoneri a six-time world champion hall of famer and his grandfather Frank Masaracchia, a New York Golden Gloves champ. Slick's grandmother was also an accomplished pianist, songwriter and opera singer in the 1930's and 40's. His father was also a great fighter but never in the ring, he just kept it in the streets. Soon he turned to music as his punching bag, fighting the strings on an old secondhand guitar that his father gave him. After teaching himself, he taught his younger brother how to play. Fighting and music was just in the blood.

Slick was just six month old when his family decided to set up shop in Los Angeles, California. He grew up fast in the hoods of LA. Living and surviving in Inglewood, Lynwood, Southgate and Westmont Pomona, his light skin only made him harder, a tough guy, tailor-made for the City of Angels or the ghetto would swallow him alive.

Now, ever since Slick was born, his mama would brag to the whole family how her baby boy was gonna be a big star. So she tried to put him in movies and commercials, but Slick didn't keep his grades up. He had a street mentality and nobody could handle him, so that idea was left swimming with the fishes. Ah, forget about it. Then Slick's parents divorced when he was only 9. This changed his whole life. The entire family split up and went their separate ways.

Slick soon found himself bouncing around from family member to family member until there was nobody left. It was a hard decision for the family to make, but the last alternative wad to send him to a boy's home. He was there for a year or two and this only made his attitude worse. Now, thugs just like him surrounded him. When he got out, the family tried, but there was no fixing him. Slick was now on his own before his 16 th birthday. He lived in abandoned houses and slept on the streets. Gang bangers, hustlers and pimps became his new family and began to teach him the ropes. Not much schooling was necessary, because it all came naturally. Slick was a product of his environment and had all the ELEMENTS OF THE GAME.

He soon started rapping and battling on the streets just to make some extra change. This went on until he was about 18. Finally, N.W.A., Ice T, Rakim and KRS 1 burst onto the scene and made him feel like he wasn't the only one living this way. Slick was inspired and needed a fresh start. He had his mind on New York, where most of his family grew up, but all he could afford was a Greyhound ticket that would get him to Atlanta.

Slick worked part time jobs to survive. But soon, he went back to the streets, a familiar friend and a place that would never turn him down. Now surrounded by ATL hustlers, Slick studied the south style and mixed it with his West Coast gangsta flow and something magical happened. Slick found himself and rap was his family.

He stayed in Atlanta for about 7 more years and decided it was time to go back to California. After a few years in Sacramento and mobbin' back and forth to LA, Slick came to the decision to move to Las Vegas, Nevada. Where everybody's a gangsta living ghetto fabulous. If you ain't a pimp or hustler, you just a trick.

After years of featuring on compilations with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Xhibit, Peter Gunnz, B-Legit and E-40, and also laying his flow on Black Rhino and Black Market projects, Slick was ready to make it on his own. Now partnered with industry heavyweight Morey Alexander, manager/ producer with many gold and platinum records under his belt, Las Vegas is the launch pad for Slick's click the SHOCK MOB.

As the proud owner of Mob Incorporated with partner Michael Anthony Moreno, Slick takes on the role of producer, writer arranger, rapper and mixer for all projects coming out of the camp. Together with Chicago golden gloves boxer Morey Alexander's First Kut Records, Mob Incorporated will help Slick fight his way to the top of the charts.

From the streets of Vegas, South Central LA and Atlanta, West Coast meets Dirty South and one of hip-hop's top producers merges and the hottest rapper in the West.

Creased Up

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Put Ya Top's Down

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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Slick and the Shock Mob