"With a haunting voice sometimes recalling the childlike timbre of Cranes' Allison Shaw, Leigh's reverb-drenched vocals pour out atop a landscape of often subtle, layered atmospheric electronics with an interesting sense of spatial openness. The resulting compositions run the gamut from dreamy slow-paced trip-hop to ethereal electronica to darkwave with experimental tendencies and subdued semi-industrial undertones."
-Joshua Heinrich, Grave Concerns E-Zine, January 2006

I started writing and playing songs by ear on a Casio keyboard that was given to me when I was 7, but it wasnt until I was 15 that I was exposed to the wonders of MIDI Sequencing by an acquaintance. Marveling at what one person could do by herself with the whole sequencing thing, I saved up for my first synthesizer. My love for electronic music has grown from there and has brought me much personal and emotional satisfaction. Since then, many artistic movements and concepts have influenced my sound, including Surrealism. Rene Magritte once said that Surrealism is important for an industrial day and age where not enough attention is paid to the dream world and imagination. I personally agree and have applied this philosophy to my music, especially.

Come check me out on myspace! www.myspace.com/anthealeigh

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