New York's own, Soulvyne, likes to challenge themselves creatively, resulting in a sound that is sonically unmistakable. The band's inspired music is as welcomed by their fans as it is memorable. Their focus is driven by their lust for songs that have a timeless quality; a quality that can rise above revolving door trends.

Although some of its members have shared both the practice halls and the occasional club stage while in other acts prior to SoulVyne's inception, this tight knit and experienced unit has seen a good deal of accomplishments together.

Singer Joe Cirigliano, guitarists Jim C and Paul Moench, bassist John Williams and drummer Nat Seeley had known each other from the local New York-New Jersey circuits and had formed a friendship as they discovered each future members' view of musicianship and a shared belief that the foundation of a band's success starts with dedication and commitment from every member.

The band likes to avoid limitations of creative style. Their music spans the spectrum of rock, soaring high with cheerful melodies and uplifting moods, then delving into the depths of a more dark emotionally- charged sound, all tied up and stamped with the continuity of the Soulvyne sound.

When Soulvyne began writing music together it was the collaboration of a wide variety of styles all contributing to the musical melting pot. Each member has come to the creative table with quite different musical tastes only to put their own unique spin into the writing mix.

Soulvyne uses their influences, as inspiration to strive for high quality music that remains timeless over the course of the changing of musical trends. The band's philosophy is that any band striving to be at the top of a particular musical trend is only asking to be forgotten about when that trend is replaced by another. They feel the key to being a successful band is to rise above the trends and play rock and roll that is appealing to all walks of life. ""Bottom line, a good song is a good song.""


Alternative Modern Rock
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Upbeat edgy guitar rock.

Alternative Modern Rock
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Broken Beautiful
Powerful and melodic tune about being an outcast.

Alternative Guitar Rock
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