The band formed in 2000 when John and Fredrik got tired of playing heavy metal. We still liked to listen to metall and hardrock but after playing that kind of music in over 10 years we wanted a new musical direction. Then by coincident we found Emilia who at the time was singing in a local theatreensamble. We knew then that she was right for the new type of music that we wanted. Since then we have experimented with jazz, singer songwriter, rock blues and funk music til we finally found this sound. Hoope you like it as mutch as we do!


Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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Working man

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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Psyche's Muse

5/29/2016 3:55:08 AM
"Working Man" isn't "working" any more ...won't play! -M-



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Mortamor "working Man" isn't "working" ...won't play! -M-
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