Signal began simply enough ... four guys, their instruments and a vision. That vision has since culminated into a phenomenon of epic proportions. With one of the widest fan bases of any Northern Utah rock act and the first printing of their EP, The Dragon, selling out in a matter of months, their music has taken on a life of its own, but this is only the beginning.

The band was formed in the fall of 2004 by vocalist Bret Harmon. Bret's been singing all of his life and had been in a few other projects along the way, but he never really took it too seriously until a few years ago. After winning the 2004 U.S. National Karaoke Championship and traveling to Finland to take third internationally, he started assembling what would ultimately be Signal.

Enter Erik McWhorter. He and Bret have played together on and off since 2001, so he was the natural first choice to fill the position of axe slinger. Erik had recently spent a lot of his time and energy touring with Sig9, another rock band from Utah, most notably on the Jagermeister Music Tour.

The Signal rhythm section was found in the duo of Jon Craig and Greg Newbold, who both came from another well known and successful Northern Utah band known as SAND. They were responsible in early 2001 for putting the Utah local rock scene on the map, when they toured successfully and played in venues such as The Whiskey A-Go-Go and Viper Room in LA.

Signal's modern rock sound draws its influence from a wide range of artists and can best be described as a combination of energetic riffs, powerful lyrics and memorable hooks. Live, their energy is second only to their chemistry. Their ability to connect with their audience makes them an instant hit at every show they play, also earning them the respect and admiration of the many national acts with which they've shared the stage.

Now the word is out.

Signal is putting the finishing touches on their first LP ""Awakening"" with talks of a college radio tour to soon follow. National interest is growing for this young band from Utah and the invitations to play venues far and wide are beginning to pour in. Signal believes their future is directly related to their passion for entertaining and putting on the best show possible. When these guys get out and play it's all about the people ... and it's apparent in the hours they spend meeting fans of all ages, signing CDs and generally just hanging out.

Haunting Me

Heavy melodic rock
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