Scott Has put his time in as a road guitarist for many artist's from J.R. Well's to Jerry Garcia to Nusrat Fata Ali Khan, John Lee Hooker, and many others,many different style's, For many years. Scott has found a home fusing many of his influences into blues rock. Scott has dreamed of putting together his own project and this came into fruition last year,with the recording of the album ""Have a Lil Faith"" and from live shows to the CD This band smokes. To see Scott play live is a expeirence,This soft spoken guy ripps his heart out of the guitar and sings with a voice that can sing raw blues ,down home soul, or a great ballad, truly amazing .Scott's band commands the power to back him up each musican the most sought after in the area each one awsome. I once asked Scott why is it that when you play, you have this energy that takes over a room? ""For me playing is a spiritual thing and when I get up and play I am in a trace like state. You gotta feel it deep down or you dont stand out."" The Band Scott Weis -Guitar and vocals Harmonica,Todd Lanka Bass Steve Decker Drums

Into Your eyes

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Swamp blues

Acoustic Swamp Blues
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