dumate is Hiphop.

dumate (pronounced DOO - muh - tay) is a live Hiphop band. first and foremost, dumate is for the upliftment of Hiphop Kulture, combining socially & politically relevant rhymes, with original head nod beats. dumate's Hiphop music is reminiscent of the era
some call Hiphop's golden age (1992-1998), before the current ""iceage"" of rap superstars.

members of dumate are students of Hiphop Kulture, all well
versed in the words and message of KRS-One & the Temple of Hiphop, and identify as Hiphoppas (one that is Hiphop).

as representatives of Hiphop Kulture, defined beyond entertainment, dumate is at odds with the current media depictions of Hiphop Kulture.

media in all forms concentrates mainly on RAP (Rhythmn And Poetry), only one of 9 elements defining Hiphop Kulture:

--(Breaking or breakdancing)b-boying or b-girling
--Emcee'ing (or rap moving a crowd with rhythm and poetry)
--Grafitti art
--Beatboxing: creating a beat with nothing but your body
--Street fashion: the way we dress
--Street language: Our codes throughout the nation
--Street knowledge: common sense, the wisdom of the elders from way back whence
--Street entrepreneur realism: No job, just get up call 'em and get 'em

dumate erupted on the Madison Hiphop scene in 2004, playing a string of explosive live sets to critical acclaim. a full band of Madison all-stars-- 2 emcees, vintage keys, upright & electric bass, acoustic drums & sampler-- the group quickly secured a place in Madison's ever growing & maturing Hiphop/music scene.

by combining old-school beat making approaches with innovative studio techniques, vicious, politically charged rhymes, and an ever changing live set, dumate is the next step in true-school Hiphop.


mercury rising
"fists with gats powered fists with gats" this is our first hit, in our eyes. we had an overwhelming experience at Smart Studios (big up Beau Sorenson!) the first time we all heard this track in it's final form. it's that thing you often hear about when you know you've created something extraordinary. it's been on the garageband.com top 10 for almost 3 weeks straight now, so i guess we were right. we're looking into getting this put on wax and officially released as a 12" single with inst

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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NATTY NATION and dumate Use New Technology from Apple to Enhance Concert Experience

Both Bands to Offer iPod Downloads at NATTY’s 10th Anniversary Party on April 29th at the High Noon Saloon

For more information, contact: Ron Konkol, Manager, (608) 335-1859

Madison, WI – Local bands like NATTY NATION are using the latest technologies from Apple to supply fans with their freshest albums, live concert recordings, and more. With the help of Apple Computer Representatives, fans are able to purchase iPod downloads and leave a concert with a brand new album and/or live performance in their pocket. The music files will be available in CD quality, as well as the lower quality, more common, MP3s.

Apple Computer Representatives will be at High Noon Saloon on April 29th for NATTY NATION’s 10th Anniversary Party. Because of this advanced technology, fans will be able to upload the band’s entire catalog: 4 studio albums as well as 7 official live releases and a brand new “Best Of Fanclub Releases Vol. 1-5” playlist compiled by Eyes of Moses and JAH Boogie, totaling over 100 tracks on their iPods in CD quality sound.

“This technology will really help get our music to the fans faster,” said NATTY NATION keyboardist, Aaron Konkol. “People will actually have the opportunity to walk away from our performance with songs they just heard. It is a great way to incorporate current music buying trends into our live shows.”

NATTY NATION’s 10th Anniversary Party won’t be the first time that a local band has used this technology. When their first studio album, dumate rite (the known knowns), dropped in mid-December, local Hiphop outfit, dumate had Apple Representatives on hand for two of their album release parties. Fans who attended and stuck around for the end of the night received custom complimentary CDs of the live sets they just saw and helped create.

To experience this new technology firsthand, head to the High Noon Saloon at 9:00 p.m. on April 29th for NATTY NATION’s 10th Anniversary CD Party. The iPod download fee for the entire 5 CD’s is $20 or $5 for just one CD. NATTY NATION will hit the stage at 11:30 p.m. after opening acts Tropical Riddims Sound System with F.R.P., and blazing Hiphop sensation, dumate. Cover charge is $8 and concert-goers must be 21 or older to get in.

For more information about how local bands like NATTY NATION and dumate are utilizing new technologies from Apple, or to learn more about their music, please contact
Ron Konkol at (608) 335-1859 or visit www.NATTYNATION.com and www.dumate.com.

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