With one ear to the ground, the other to the sky, always observing humanity
with a sideways smile and a fist, J DiMenna delivers the most profound and
prophetic album from an unknown artist in years. ""Awkward Buildings"" is an
album that Dr. Dave Bowman's son would have been listening to on his
headphones, waiting for an aeroplane.

Prayer Flag

indie alternative
h h

Awkward Buildings

Alternative Acoustic
h h

To Meet You

h h

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PRESS for J. DiMenna, ""Awkard Buildings""

JONATHAN TAKIFF, Knight Ridder Publications
J. DiMenna, a subtle North Carolina craftsman is making his national debut
with ""Awkward Buildings"". DiMenna sings in a high, sweet voice evocative of
Ray Davies and Elliot Smith in their respective primes. And his graceful,
strings-endowed art pop is as richly endowed in atmospherics as it is in
metaphoric meaning.

The Deli, Brooklyn, NY
""Considering J’s haunting lyrics, atmospheric strings and vaudevillian compositions,
I can’t help thinking that fans of Grant Lee Philips and Devendra Banhart would be
just as impressed as we are by this impressive body of work. ""

Flagpole, Athens, GA
One of ""Seven Bands I Learned to Love at SXSW"".

The Weekly Alibi, Albuquerque, NM
""Plays music that falls somewhere between M. Ward,
Django Reinhardt and Tom Waits... Very beautiful songs.""

The Chattanooga Pulse, Chattanooga, TN
""Terrific debut"".

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