Les Stroud, perhaps known better as television's 'Survivorman', has always been a musician. Sure, you may have heard a bit of his harmonica playing talents on his tv show, but his music is much more in-depth than that...

A track from Les Stroud's debut album, featuring a beautiful string arrangement and heart-felt lyrics. Backing vocals by kelly (www.independentartistscompany.com/kelly)

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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After Neil Young Dies
This song won a spot on the Spirit of the North Vol. 6 CD. It features Les on all guitars, Mark Bradford of 'punch me hard' on bass, kelly (independentartistscompany.com/kelly) and leanne auger on backing vocals, and ian auger on drums.

Guitar Rock
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Delta Snow
A light hearted, fun track from Les Stroud's debut cd.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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Bryon Tosoff

9/29/2009 1:26:50 AM
Clouds is a wonderful moving and inspiring piece of genius...lovely



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Just added "Delta Snow" to the site for your listening pleasure! Don't forget that Stroud's debut cd is available on his official website , click here to go there!


A new cd is coming... Les Stroud has teamed up with Canada's music staple, The Northern Pikes! Watch this spot for details, or visit www.lesstroudonline.com.
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