Stax is 23 raised in the highrise projects in new london, was born in hartford were he was taught how to fight
and hustle living in a small city has slowed his rapping carear down but i beleive he will be a star. Stax is
currently on probation so hes trying to do legal things to get paid for once thats when we decided to go this
direction, After being raided and losing most of what he worked for he turned his atteion to music, I discoverd
him at a battle contest where he destroyed the other freestylers who tried to use writtin lyrics against him,
he quickly picked up on it and looked them up and down and talked bout everythig from there clothes to there
tattos, very quick and persceptive thinker make it hard to match witts with him, as they all sooned learned,
from there I took him under my wing and brought him on a 10 city tour, were currently working on his cd will
be available soon, and then were going on a bigger tour.
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This is a label i started up with a few rappers, were up and coming and hungry i grew up in hartford
and moved to new london, i been in the pjs all my life and thats how i keep it ghetto, not many peeps
used to white boy like me, but fuck it im not here to impress nobody im here to make money cuz hustlin
is all i know, and a job will never give u any real dough, so im doing everything myself, no middle man,
im droppin a cd this month with various artist from new england, just to get my label out there be on
the look out, I rap bout struggle everyone has a story and im going to tell it, My life is full of pain
and that what I write about, Im on some pac shit, And they will problay kill me too,
6/20/2006 10:00:01 PM
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