We are anti-pop. In a day in age when Budweiser ads feature the phrase ""party like a rockstar,"" we have decided that being ""rockstars"" is not something we would like to be. We are musicians, plain and simple. And while styling your hair, wearing ripped jeans, and drinking beer is becoming more and more popular - being a musician is being viewed more often as sad and pathetic. Malls are packed with clothing stores selling rock star and guitar T-shirts to non-musicians, while CD stores in these same malls are closing because people refuse to actually pay money to support the art of music. We refuse to be lumped into the same category as those who play live music simply for the stereotypical ego-driven reasons that have drawn so many to want to imitate the life of a ""rock-star"" (sex & money). We are in it for the music. We are not ""rock-stars."" We are musicians. We are artists. And we are for real.

Nation on the Run
This is a self recored self-produced song off of The Joneses upcoming full length album "Scatterbrainiac". This is one extreme of our music in a bit of a heavier direction.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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