Demonic/gothic vocals, aggressive guitars, violent programming, and humorous samples. Sounds like the gears of a combine crushing flesh and bone, spraying blood all over your face.

The aggrivated sounds of the snowplows wreaking havok upon the pavement is inspirational and ironic in its loud, oppressive reign. Keeping the factories pulsating with greed while the envious poor strive on for a decent living. When all Mother wants is for us to all just STOP and smell the shit we are generating around us. Without this planet and the stones orbiting around it, we would not exsist. But we've turned away from any obvious deity we could have and banished ourselves from a life of true purpose and harmony only to merge with the combines, presses, and pollution-belching factories, sedating anyone with emotions and ostracizing those who feel the need to speak freely so everyone plays along and eventually will one day become cyborgs...
The perfect machine coursing with the blood of the common working man.

It is because of all of us this has been set into motion, the resistance and defiance of the rules, my irrational response to your fascist mind control.

After years of recording, mixing, and mastering, Irrational Allegro is completed, and most of it is now available for purchase in mp3 format at:
BloodMachine-Irrational Allegro Folder

Recorded by Dave Henderson, mixed by Chuk @ Tonesoup Productions, Avon , CT.
Mastered by Chuk @ The Meadow St. Ghetto Mansion, Winsted, CT.

Check out Chuk's newest techno-industrial project Wardance.
The album n/a was released
Nov 21st. 2006, and was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered
by Chuk at the Meadow St. Ghetto Mansion.

The Front Lines

Dark Industrial
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Electro-Industrial Synth Metal
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Samples taken from the movie "The Running Man".

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DMD Compact Disc Online
Irrational Allegro
Dark and brooding industrial metal from CT. USA.

Electronic  info  
DMD Compact Disc Online
Previously Unreleased
Some more industrial metal from this struggling artist.

Hard Alternative  info  
DMD Compact Disc Online
Aggressive Electronic Instrumental music from the creator of BloodMachine.

Electronic  info  

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The album "Previously Unreleased" has been completed and is ready for distribution. Also, a new Wardance release is in production.

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