Sjäel is a rock/alternative band. The music is atmospheric and melancoly and some people might even call it depressive. The music of Sjäel comes from the heart when it`s broken, and when it starts to mend again the songs become alive. The songs aren`t always played the basic way (verse, chorus, verse etc. ) but most of the time the songs doesn't even have any real chorus or any real verse they are always in progress. There is always some kind of a light at the end of the tunnel and there is always some kind of beauty within the sadness of Sjäel. Sjäel is former known as Mellow Mind. As Mellow Mind we recorded an EP called ""Until The End"" in January 2005, but we only stick with one song from that album which is the song called ""shallow game"". ""A Void In A Frame"" has just been recorded

I saw clouds making out at your birth

Progressive Rock
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White painted hearts

Progressive Rock
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