Jason Gui Bernard. Vocals, Guitars.
Also known as loki-gui

I have been playing stringed instruments for 25 years, and through those years I have played a 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, mandolin but I always return to rhythm guitar as my instrument of choice.

I am presently playing a B-15 Norman 12 string guitar. This wonderful guitar was born to play in the woods around a Bardic fire. When I am not playing music I own and operate Sun Tarot an occult shop in Montreal.

I sponsor the Montreal International Folk Festival.The festival was started August 2002, and I hope it will continue to grow and flourish over the years, allowing local musicians a venue in which to showcase their original material.

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I will be at Echoes-Fest June 30th - 3rd July 2006. It is a Pagan festival of Music and Spirit.
Stay updated with my blog Acoustic Dancer.
It's how my new CD comes together. I am in the studio Here's what I have so far on Inclement Weather Guitar & Drums & piano are done we still need to record acoustic bass, and final vocals
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