Before starting my band Sickboy, I was just a dorky kid with a guitar and harmonica, with pages of songs that I played incessantly. Seriously, you couldn't get me to shut up. I actually released 2 CD's and a 7-inch single before realizing that he was headed down the wrong tree and barking up the wrong road. This is what some of it sounded like. While some of the songs might be deemed, ""not bad"", that's about the best that can be said, in retrospect. Some people still buy my old records, and that's rather nice of them, so maybe these songs have some use to someone, somewhere.

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These songs were written from when I was 16-21. I released my first album, "No Gig", when I was 18.
There was a 7" single that you can't find anymore, and it was called, imaginatively, "Mark Spence: Vol. 1". Hot stuff.
My last record came out when I was 22, called "Cut With Junk." Almost immediately after that I broke up with myself and formed Sickboy.
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Mark Spence