Michael Johnson is a composer/guitarist/vocalist/bassist/keyboardist/producer/engineer who has been trapped in Academia for the last six years. He has a bachelors degree in music from the University of Colorado at Denver, and masters and doctorate degrees in jazz from the University of Miami. Currently, he teaches recording and songwriting at Greenville College, near St. Louis, and is head of the commercial music program. However, while he's been teaching, he has continued to play, compose, and record and produce other artists. Please check out the other bands he is involved with, such as The Flat Broke Band (www.flatbrokeband.com, www.myspace.com/theflatbrokeband), and Sonic Cinema (www.myspace.com/soniquecinema), a project he did with his brother Chad. He worked on both of these projects as a band member, producer/engineer, and composer. Both are more conventional rock bands. As a composer, Johnson writes in many different styles, including jazz, ""classical,"" rock, rap/hiphop, techno/industrial, pop, country, and film music. The current project is an experimental electronic CD, which will be available soon at a store near you! This project was commissioned for the grand opening of the Maves Art Center at Greenville College, in Greenville, Illinois. Hear it all at his Pure Volume Page:

The Drones
A series of drones created by manipulating sampled acoustic sounds

h h

Solar Windchimes
The title says it all. Sampled sounds were manipulated in a computer until they came out sounding almost like windchimes.

h h

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Johannes Hi again - I placed The Drones on a fiting station.... Good Luck and Peace.
The Sons of MOD Hi mate.Love your drones.I adore Spacemen 3 Can early Hawkwind Loop Sonic Boom etc.And I love your stuff keep on dronin'!Andrew from The Sons of MOD
Ash Hiya there! I saw your message in the forum about the iac player, here's a link to the topic they just posted a few days ago on the player. how cool huh!
Johannes Hi M - I got you a second stationcloser - hope you like it ( if you're around? ). J
Breithablik ( Hall Two ) I reserved for you a Chair of Honour - hope you like it. Peace upon you - J.
As The World Turns - Joh It is a well known fact that I love what you're doing. I put you over here. Peace - J.
Loch Ness Welcome - J.
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