(India's first-ever progressive/christian metal band)

This White / Progressive Metal group started off with a mission to salvage original music... But now is turning towards spreading positive messages through the power of music! This is no cover band but sheer originals...

They thrive on variation. "We get bored of doing the same thing over and over again". Each song needs to sound different. They do not want to evolve a signature style and get tied down by it. They want to spread their wings and experiment with everything to rock the world! They want to be 10-bands-in-1!!!

Their undaunted spirit continues to dedicate itself to Original Compositions and experiment with various musical genres & styles under rock & metal.

The new & permanent White Metal line up has released a single "Miracle By Faith" on India's first ever Online Gospel compilation called Think Again (http://www.greenozone.com/album.htm) & the 2-track EP called Save Our Nation on 30 Apr 2006. They are aiming at releasing their debut album by August/September 2006 and undertake tours for its promotion.

Before dedicating itself to the mission to serve The Lord through music and beyond, TSC was a secular band. The band is also known for their former signature songs - Rest In Peace (ennui.BOMB's We are The Scene Vol. II), Living On (ennui.BOMB's We are The Scene Vol. I) and Schizophrenia

They are setting up a Charitable Trust to serve the society for various ailments like poverty, drug addiction and schizophrenia. The proceeds from their album sales and concerts would be going towards this cause.

"We owe to God for keeping the dream alive, after numerous upheavals in the band and in personal lives... over the time..."

The band believes in its moto -
Pray, Believe and Do your Best
To The Almighty, Leave the Rest...

Burn The Nightmare

Progressive Metal
h h

Miracle By Faith

Christian Metal
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David Spencer and Dynamic Productions

2/22/2009 9:59:10 AM
Hello my name is David Spencer, and my group Dynamic Productions just released our first independent release entitled, "Created to Praise," Stop by and have a listen! Thanks! www.dynamicproductioncrew.webs.com



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