The Mad Scientists' strange concoction of experimental psychedelia has created an explosion in Denton, Texas' eclectic artistic community. Initially playing clubs as a two piece band without a drummer their live shows made cynical scenesters stop talking and start listening. After adding a drummer it was decided their experimentations needed more hard documentation and they went into the studio to record an album. Their sonic slime is slowly oozing across the country on college radio being played regularly on stations from the east to west coast. As well as some international requests for their music.

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Hideously Mutated Life
Heavy bluesy rocker injecting toxic slime into your brain.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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The Burning Circus Tent
Insturmental insanity. Escape the fire while you still can. No animals were harmed in the making of this song.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

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The Mad Scientists