The Unheard Of was formed in 1984 by Jim (Galaxy) Kavel and Guy Raash, even after many line up changes the band still maintains it's original sound/style. It's nice that people say We sound like ""The Doors"" or ""Iron Butterfly"" We understand not alot of people are into or are even aware of the underground ""Garage/Psych"" Groups of the 60's and even now for that matter,Sometimes someone will come up to one of Us and say"" Nice take on that 13th Floor Elevators song Or The Ultimate Spinach,But not very often, So we'll take Your Doors and Iron Butterfly cause We know thats all some people can relate Us to. The current line up is Jim Galaxy on lead guitar and vocals and effects, Frank (Tank Stillton) Milligan on Bass(13 years w/the band) Mel (Mysterio) Montymeyer on skins and tins(11 years w/the band), and Mark(Buzz Chrystler)Dietrich on Vox keyboard's and rythym guitars(9 years w/the band),The Unheard Of uses Vox amps like the Super Beatle and the Royal Gaurdsman and others to achieve that 1965 usa garage band sound but we are definitly a 90's/Mellenium band,We currently have two 7"" singles(Rocket Reducer Records) Milwaukee,Wi.USA, a 10"" EP (Farniente Records) France, a C.D. (Timothy's Brain Records) Chicago,Ill. a double single=2-7'records in one sleeve (Psych Out Records) Italy, A 12"" LP. and a ton of our own homemade live shows on C.D... We are getting radio air play in Italy,France,Germany,Greece,Canad and on underground and college radio stations in the USA, We all like different music in the band too, but this is what we've been doin from the start, and will continue to do so. This is why we are trying our luck with this web site (IAC), If anyone would like any copies of our music T-shirt's or any magazine or newspaper articles about The Unheard Of, just e-mail me and I will be more than happy to get them to you.

(NDE) Near Death Experience
This song we played live on the air on WMSE 91.7 fm. The Milwaukee School of Engineering has a radio station in Downtown Milwaukee and We played for one of their fund raiser drives to promote the radio station and help keep them on the air. They have been on the air for about 20 years I think.

Live Performances
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Ever Again

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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Just Playing locally at the present time, nothing important going on right now. Might do some recording again soon.
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