Marc Anthony's "Angel of Mercy" is my solo material. "Angel of Mercy" is 100% me and I am super proud of this music. I wrote everything you hear....all the lyrics, music....including all guitars, keyboards and drums...lead and backing vocal melodies and all arrangements.

Marc Anthony's "Angel of Mercy" is:

Marc Anthony-Songwriter-all Music, Lyrics, Vocal melodies and arrangements, Lead and background vocals, Drums and Percussion, Keyboards and Piano, Programming

With special guest performances by:

Eric Aittala-Rhythm, Lead and Acoustic Guitars, additional keyboards

Roy Cathey-additional vocals

LiLi Padilla-Vocal duet with Marc Anthony on ""Picture(Ana's Song)"

Joshua Pantke-Fretted and Fretless Bass on select tracks

Producer-Marc Anthony

Recording Engineer, Co-Producer-Eric Aittala

Recorded at Incognito Studios

All of Me

The artist has designated this song as non-chartable.

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Hard Rock
h h

It Hurts To Let You Go

h h

Too Far Away

Pop Rock
h h


Hard Rock
h h

The Shadow Side

Hard Rock
h h

Angel Heart

h h


Melodic Hard Rock
h h

You Are the One

Hard Rock Ballad
h h

Crimson Night

h h

Angel Heart (acoustic)

Hard Rock
h h

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Angel of Mercy