""A self-taught musician and dancer out of Canada who plays in a style you've never heard before. This native of the Ashanti,Tribe in Ghana, West Africa has entertained audiences with some of the biggest names to come out of Canada, like the Bare Naked Ladies and Celine Dion

""HOLY FuNk!!!! WOW!
** ""HOLY FuNk!!!! WOW!! What a refreshing change from 'pidgeon-holed' music! Jon-E-Shakka's, THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT HAS ARRIVED. is a funky blend of a variety of musical influences & styles. My favourite track was: ""LOVE.1.WAY"", an inspirational reminder of what is truly important in life, wise words of peace & love (you can never have too much of that), without preaching (!!), set to a background of jungle beats!! My second fave is ""Goodman/Goodwoman"".... I checked out his site, also & this guy's been around for 25 years, performing with top entertainers, including Céline Dion, Bare-Naked Ladies & Jermain Jackson! Impressive! Not only does he compose, he is a Dancer/Choreographer, as well!! Thanx for including him on your site!"" kat mandu


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DMD Compact Disc Online
the hour of judgement has arrived
the ways of the world . BWISE

Hip Hop/Rap  info  
DMD Compact Disc Online
the hour of judgement has arrived

Hip Hop/Rap  info  

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Jon-e-shakka of Soulcandy productions release's CD/DVD international

The long awaited CD/ THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT HAS ARRIVED & DVD ""ALL DAT DAZZ(learn how to dance like shakka) "" is now in stores.
Spirtual*Gospel eclectic african rhythm funk rock, hip hop rap, messages.

JON-E-SHAKKA, a natural-born Artist of many disciplines, began his entertainment career debut in 1974, when he joined ""THE ELECTRIFYING SHAKKA DANCERS"" (A Family Act), winning many Dance Awards & appearing regularly on a variety of TV Shows, including the role as ""Lead Dancer"" on ""FEEL LIKE DANCIN'"" (CFCF-12, Montreal). Jon-E continued dancing with his brother, Eugene & formed the well-known act: ""THE SHAKKA BROTHERS"", who performed at a multitude of venues in Montreal.
Jon-E has performed DANCE SOLOS alongside many famous Artists, including: Réné Simard (Montreal, 1978), The Village People (Montreal, 1980), Céline Dion (Québec City, 1984), Gowan & Ian Thomas (Québec City, 1984), Alanis Morisette (Ottawa, 1985), ICE-T (Ottawa, 1989) and The Bare-Naked Ladies (Thunder Bay, Ontario; 1997), to name just a few!
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