Psychostasia is comprised of four multi-talented musicians, all of whom currently live in southwestern Mexico. They com from two regionally successful bands, and have now joined forces to create Psychostasia, in hopes of reaching an audience beyond Mexico.
They’ve been learning their trade and performing professionally for a dozen years or more. If they wanted to, any of them could play musical chairs with their instruments and never miss a lick.
The members have also delved heavily into music theory and a wide variety of instruments, genres and international rhythms. Although outright rock is their first love and primary influence, these other influences can be detected in Psychostasia’s songs.
Psychostasia plays both originals and covers, all with a raw, powerful, unique style that retains a hint of that rousing groove that has attracted fans since rock’n roll first exploded onto the music scene. Psychostasia’s tight, dynamic sound is the result of a pure love of music among all its members.
The messages of their lyrics frequently reflect modern-day conflicts and challenges, realism infused with a dose of optimism. The results are moving, powerful tunes that bring you up while still looking unflinchingly at life. For example, the song, “Jonesin’ Comin’ Round deals with addictions of any sort urging listeners to “…hang onto your soul.” Another example is “Monsters in Pink,” recognizing that appearances can be deceiving, and discernment is critical. Still another example is “The Game” about influential individuals who “tell you what you wanna hear…even add a little tear to leave no doubt that they belong on the world stage.”
So far, the songs performed by Psychostasia have been written by David and Daniel Cordero, who already have a portfolio of approximately 100 original songs. However, given the group’s great jam sessions, characterized by improvisation and experimentation with creative riffs, rhythms and licks, it seems only a matter of time before Psychostasia starts composing as a group.

This World

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Monsters In Pink

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