Cragmatic Pope was a band that was part of the late 90s punk scene in northern Ontario Canada.

CRAgmatic Pope, sometimes abbreviated as CRAP, was started in 1994 with mostly different line-up. The line-up of Cragmatic Pope represented here recorded "Disappear Today" in a small 8-track basement studio in 1995 for $600, and "Get Away From That Fish" which was produced by Austin on a 4-track in Jasmine's basement in 1996. Roughly 50 copies of "Disappear Today", and 125 copies of "Get Away From That Fish" were pressed.

Cragmatic Pope :
Austin Acton: Vocals, Guitar
Shane Willard: Vocals, Guitar
Jasmine Barrette: Bass, Vocals
Amanda Mongeon: Drums, Vocals
Ryan Blais: Cornet, Tacet
Beck Pascoe: Lyrical contributions+original bassist

Austin, Jasmine and Ryan would later form a band called Groundstate which would record an EP titled "Amphetamine" in 1997. Shane would go on to form The Deefons.

Death of Cool Recordings (more songs)

Social Oppression
Originally recorded by The Subverts in 1993 on the album Violence and Revolution and again in 1994 on Coup D'Etat. Cragmatic Pope cover version recorded in 1996 for the album Get Away From That Fish.
Licensed Cover

Punk Rock
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Original 4-track demo of Carpetworld. Last thing recorded by Cragmatic Pope in the summer of 1996. Re-recorded with The Deefons in 1998.

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I'm Sorry To Say...
From "Get Away From That Fish" released independently in 1996. Re-released on the "Sudbury Where the F@!K is That?" compilation in 1998 that features a slew of other punk and hardcore bands that existed in Sudbury and northern Ontario in the late 1990s. This compilation was recently released online :

Pop Punk
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I wrote this song singing in the shower when I was 16 years old back in 1995.It's about a lonely boy who finds a jellybean on the ground and becomes its best friend. I was a weird kid.

Indie Pop Rock
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From Get Away From That Fish and Thrashed Compilation 1996

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From Disappear Today released in a bubble in 1995, released on the web in 2009. Featured on Ronnie Rodent's Best of the Noughties part 3 on Radio Xanadu in the UK.

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