In the coldest winter ever a young star in the making was born. However, while growing up things did not always look so bright for M.E.L. aka Montana. He is the oldest of four children raised by a single mother. His early years in life were spent in Brick Yard Mafia. While living in Wister townhouses and having limited access to money Jamel had to begin to take care of himself and siblings. In the process of making sure his family was taken care of, Jamel would often find himself getting into trouble with the law. He made the choice to move out from his mom at the age of 16 and had to completely provide for himself and he still felt obligated to be there for his brother and sisters. This wild drug dealing life ultimately led him to leaving G-Town and moving 45 miles south to Wilmington, Del. It is safe to say that Jamel was always interested in a rap career his early influences where 2pac, Jada Kiss, 50 Cent & Young Jeezy but due to many negative forces. Just when Montana thought he could have a better life in Delaware, he realized how easy it was for a life of crime too began again. Montana continued to love rap but he could not leave the streets and this led him to be sentenced in a Georgetown state prison for 5 years. During this time, Jamel perfected his flow and everyone knew that he was the hottest rapper even though he was not a signed artist. Jamel was released from prison after his time was suspended in 2 years, he still was very connected to the streets , trying to focus on rap although never forgetting about his roots of Brick Yard Mafia. Jamel decided he would represent both Brick Yard Mafia and 22nd st(Del). Hoods and travel back and forth promoting his music. Jamel is a member of the click C.H.M 22nd st. That he often speaks about in his lyrics. This year has been as real as it can get for Jamel after him and his siblings relocated their father after 20 years. 2 months later James weeks passed away(R.I.P.) 1 month later Jamel and other members of C.H.M. where being charged with murder due to gang related reasons. And other separate charges and cases. Charges of murder were later drop 6 months later. With the encouragement of his younger brother CEO Bokio, he began recording and filming nothing but hits. Today this star is shining bright. This is just a part of "The Jamel Weeks Story"


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The Jamel Weeks Story
M.E.L. aka Motana Debut Album. Inna Cirkle Records Produced by Beats with Kwevo, & Reefa, features Kenya. Introducing Pablo of Baby Mafia. Includes hits L.U.V. & Yiddle Yiddle Yiddle

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L.U.V. Video Access Granted This Thursday!!!!!!

Inna Cirkle Records will be shooting the debut new singles "L.U.V." & "Yiddle Yiddle Yiddle" by M.E.L. aka Montana THIS THURSDAY, with cameo appearences by Kenya, Dez the Hood Vixen, Baby Mafia, CEO Bokio, Corn Bread: the first graphitti artist, and many more celebs.

Scene locations and times:
22nd & Pine St. Wilmington, Delaware 12pm - 5pm
Ashmead & Wakefield. Germantown, Philadelphia 7pm -12pm

Visit for more updates!

The Jamel Weeks Story In Stores Feb 12th

Visit Inna Cirkle's Official Web Site
For exclusive Inna Cirkle material, free give-a-ways, and the latest news and updates.

M.E.L. aka Montana Debut Album In Stores Feb 12th!!!!
Available @ Apple's iTunes store, Rhapsody, Sony Connect,, AOL's MusicNet,, the new Napster, Music Match, CD Baby, Yahoo Music.

Album includes hit singles L.U.V. & Yiddle Yiddle Yiddle
plus bonus street anthems 9 Shotz & Geed Up!
Guest appearances by Kenya, Pablo of Baby Mafia, D.O.P.E., with tracks produced by Reefa & Beats with Kwevo

9 Shotz the video Now Playing!!!! on and MyspaceTV
stay tuned for more updates....

M.E.L. aka Montana

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