Tins is a animal lovin, studio producin, music making nut! Always workin, always playin. You'll find her hidding out in the studio or chasin spiders out of it. Some say Tins is full of talent and some say Tins is just plain Tins...

Sounds like:

A Tin of Heavan, a Tin of Dirt, a Tin of magic beans and all Tins means!! Basicly: A good mix of all the right stuff!! Fully nutricious and enjoyable any time of the day. Well go on..WANT SUM DO YA?!!!

Heroes include: Jessica Rabbit and Heinz!! Wot have they both got in common? They got it goin' on!!!!

We are full of so much stuff that we are just bursting to get it all out and express our true selves! Tins is a movement of self expression and the simple truth that is..well...whatever it may be!!

Tins believes we are not such complicated creatures, just canned within a world where it can be tough to just open up. Tins is about fun, truth and simple things. Tins does what it says on the tin!!

Have you got what it takes to open your tins?!!

Wotz in your TINS?!!!!!

Don't Stop
Sexy, diry: Does what it says on the tin!!! A fusion of pop, rock, disco, funk and sexual expression!

Alternative Pop Rock
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