Kyprianos Gregori was born in Lecabetus hill in Athens Greece though his ancestry comes from the Hellenism of Egypt, Smyrne Cyprus and Macedonia.

His relationship with Music has its roots within his early childhood when the first guitar, a broken one came to his hands. Soon his affection for music became stronger and the fact that it would be continuous was naturally expected

His first steps in Greek discography were done in 1991 with a band he used to play with and later with his participation as a musician in Vlassis Bonatsos record published by Virgin Records Shortly after, Kyprianos participated in his TV program “ALLA KOLPA’’ on MEGA CHANNEL. Meanwhile, he graduated as a PC programmer and at the same time he kept co operating as a professional musician (in live performances, night clubs, TV programs, video clips), mostly with Greek artists such as Sofia Arvaniti, Mihalis Rakitzis, Kostas Tournas Giannis Sabbidakis Thanos Kalliris and many others. In 1996 he signed a contract with Warner Music and a cd single with the title “ Take me far away “ and an album came up with the title “Scandalo” (Scandal) with the group Joker which he participated in at that time. The same year he worked as a composer on another Warner Music project , Demos Beke album titled Glykia Zoi (Sweet Life).

The year 2000 he started working on a project concerning the non profitable music foundation which he established named LIKNO (with reference numbers 6426/2002 and 24684/02). It was a foundation aiming to help government and public societies as orphanages, animal asylums and environmental organizations. The music project finished in 2002 and then it was sponsored by the e-list company which assumed the web distribution of this project.

The first months of 2007 found him in collaboration with Melon Music. Through this contract he signed his first personal record project as a composer, lyricist and performer.

An interesting point is the fact that on 11/3 & 18/3 of 2007 the mp3 promo of the song Unforgotten homelands reached the top of Loudcity airplay charts (No1) in the United States of America and stayed for many weeks in the Top 100. He has the pleasure and the honor to present among the European awarded artists after being awarded twice for interpretation and stage performance in the Pan Music International Pop Festival and in EuroPop International Festival the summer of 2007.

1991 Divorce - Molon Lave Records
1992 Blassis Bonatsos - Virgin Records
1996 Joker (Take me far away) - Warner Music WEA
1997 Joker (Scandal) - Warner Music WEA
1997 Demos Beke (Sweet life) - Warner Music WEA
1998 (Hilaki Petrokeraso) Compilation - Warner Music WEA
1999 (Figame) Compilation - Warner Music WEA
2002 Cradle (Likno) - Independent Production E-list
2004 Censored (Take me away) - Megatherion Sound
2007 Unforgotten Homelands - Melon Music

I want to see you
Mediterranean ethnic pop

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Unforgotten Homelands
Mediterranean ethnic pop

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