Synkrotron is a one man project and consists of mainly MIDI synth music with the odd bit of real time synth and guitar work thrown in for good measure. No dark music here... mainly uplifting and happy stuff.

It takes just over eight minutes for light from the Sun to reach Earth. Okay... This is some guitar stuff... There are three drone tracks and a lead track, all run through Guitar Rig and reverb/delay effects. It was just an excuse to get some time on my much neglected PRS Studio guitar. No synths were used, and no sample mangling involved in this piece. Image courtesy of TRACE

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LBQS 1429-008
LBQS 1429-008 is a physical triple quasar located in the Virgo constellation. This piece of work is my second entry into the One Sample Dare Challenge No. 32 as posed by the Ambient Online website. One sample only was edited, cut, reversed, stretched and tuned. Some samples were brought into Absynth 5 to create sounds from scratch (no other tones were used). Image used courtesy of NASA.

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Void was created as part of an Ambient Online One Sample Dare Challenge #32. So, yeah... All that noise just from one sample of a creaking door and a few light switches being operated. Here is the original sample:- I am not even sure this is even listen-able, but I've uploaded it anyway. The sample was reveresed, stretched, cut up, stretched some more and then assaulted with all manner of effects

Space Ambient
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IRC–20385 (also known as Terzan 5) is a globular cluster in the central mass of stars of the Milky Way. This piece was created using guitars and effects, along with some "extreme stretching" using "Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch" to make the drones.

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Nessus V2
Nessus was created using u-he's latest synth, Hive

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