Stix Izza

Stix Izza Has Been An SEA Nominee for The Past Four Years

2005 SEA
1. Mixtape Rookie Of The Year
2.Best Freestyle On A Mixtape
3.Best Rap Mixtape-Talk Of The Town

2006 SEA
1.Best Freestyle On A Mixtape
2.Slept-on Artist Of The Year
3.Performance of the Year

2007 SEA
1.Slept-on Artist of the year

2008 SEA
1.Mixtape Artist of the Year
2.Song of the Year-(I Got MONEY Ft. Young Buck and Hi-C)



Nashville's recognition and respect as a growing and prominent community of multi-talented rap artists and producers, unfortunately has been overshadowed by Nashville's reputation as the country music capitol of the world. However, with a rising star like Stix Izza; It's only a matter of time before all of that changes.Stix Izza (Born:William Wilson) began his career at a young age. However, his pursuance of his hiphop career truly began at the age of 16, after the death of his father; a tragedy that would forever impact and change the life of the young emcee. As a therapeutic way to take his mind off of the heartwrenching and stressful situation, Stix profoundly immersed himself into the development of his rap career and has written songs which has helped him to cope with, and helped fans to understand more about the death of his father which so many of us can relate to.Since these events Stix Izza has propelled himself atop of the rap game with a huge fan following,especially in the South. Stix Izza has a strong faith in God and knows that he is the reason for any success which comes to the young emcee.He has landed himself on BET's Spring Bling as the freestyle champion , featured on thousands of mixtapes/albums across the country and has also released nine(9) Mixtapes himself, three being in Germany,Canada as well as France.The 9 time Southern Entertainment Award(S.E.A) nominee finally received the recognition he deserved in 2008 as he was rewarded with an award for Mixtape Artist of the Year. Stix Izza is not your typical everyday rap artist , take a listen to his music and you will find out he makes music everyone can relate to,which is how he has recorded with artists such as Young Buck to artists in Rock bands. Stix feels music can be therapy to not only him but his listeners , so limiting himself to one style of music is not in the question.Stix's flow and mind-boggling metaphors shines on every track he is on which keeps his listeners on the edge of their seats awaiting the next project from this artist. For more info Check stix out at

Stix Izza Discography
Stix Izza-Talk Of The Town Vol.1
Stix Izza-Everybody Raps Vol.2
Stix Izza-Ready To Blow Vol. 3
Stix Izza-Watch Me Shine Vol.4
Stix Izza and DJ Chuck T-Gotta Get It
Stix Izza and DJ P Exclusivez-Mixtape in Canada
Stix Izza and DJ Dammit-Mixtape in Germany
Stix Izza and DJ Pimp-Mixtape in France

Money Clap

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

I Got Money Ft. Young Buck (G-Unit)

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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Nashville TN United States
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Stix Izza