Born and raised in a small town of Winterville, North Carolina Ronnie Run is a well-known rapper with a lot of streets credit. “I want to put North Carolina on the map and show people that there is talent around the state.” Growing up around the Pitt County area was just plain and real for Ronnie. “Where I’m from was nothing different from your New York or LA. Living in the South; the pace is slow and the hard work is there.” Starting out as a DJ; Ronnie knew or thought this was something he wanted to do. “After the Dj thing fell through; “I had a backup plan and it was rapping.” Ronnie’s influences are God, my daughter Jocelyn, my family, The Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Rakim, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, KRS-One, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z and the list goes on and on. “I remember the first time I heard “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang and I knew from that point; rapping was something I wanted to do.” It was during a school test when Ronnie wrote his 1st rap song. After that I called my cousin Big Buji and he told me that he was putting beats together so we got in the studio and did my first EP "Lyrical Masta;" it became a street classic. Two of those songs hit the radio airwaves "Ghetto Stress FT. Black Chyna” and “North Kack for Real.” With the success of these songs, I thought it was time for me to try a new producer. I kept writing and one day while listening to a mix tape I called the producer off the CD, and the rest is history. ” I called the producer from Sick Man Productions, we talked and within two weeks I was recording my first song;”Back 4 Tha’ Third Time”. The title track, “4 tha’ Club,” debuted on the radio and quickly caught buzz around town as well as in other states outside of North Carolina. After the song appeared on the radio; Ronnie thought it would be a good idea to shoot a video for the song. “I got with my homeboy John RoRech and we ask Shawn (the owner of Club Dynasty) if it was ok to shoot the video there and he said it was cool.” About two months later I submitted the video to BET late night show “Uncut” and within a week the video was being shown before a nationwide audience. “I thought it was a blessing and an honor to be seen and heard on a level like that.” Soon after that; Ronnie thought it was time to hit the studio again and keep the street flooded with some more hits. “I had to build up my fan base so that when I dropped the sampler CD “Cleanin’ Houze”; the fans would love what they heard. ” There was one joint the fans and the DJ’s were feeling and that was “Bump Dis’ (Carolina Ridin’). “I thought it was time to show the world how the Carolinas get down and let them know what we were all about.” Ronnie Run is currently about to drop his debut album under Deka Records called “Soulful Rush” with two tracks making noise as we speak. You can’t go wrong with “I Remember,” and Street Legendz" ft. Big Hop which is making some crazy noise as we speak! Ronnie is continuing to network and recording, waiting to get a break. “I am bringing a whole lot to the table as a artist and I am willing to give 200% if needed”

I Remember
This song is catching a huge buzz across the net!

Hip Hop/Rap
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Street Legends
One fo the hottest song thats catchoing a huge buzz as w e speak!!!

Hip Hop/Rap
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RONNIE RUN, aka Winterville?s Finest PO Box 252, Winterville, NC 28590 252-756-0085 SHOWS: ..? ..Southeast Music Summit and Entertainment; ?Artist Showcase?-Durham, NC (2000) ..? ..Local 506;?Mic Mondays? hosted by Kaze- Chapel Hill, NC (2003) ..? ..Talent Showcase, OIC Center; Rocky Mount, NC (2003) ..? ..Aggie-Eagle Block Party; Raleigh, NC (2003) ..? ..Phoenix Fest; Durham, NC (2004) ..? ..Faces Lounge,?Industry Nite?- Greenville, NC (2009) ..? ..The Tank,? The Investment Album Release Party w/ Big Hop? Greenville, NC (2009) ..? ..Club 258;?Talent Tuesday? By KISS 102?s own Skee Monee Kinston,NC (2010) ..? ..The Rehab Lounge;?The Mixtape Show? hosted by Hookz Greenville,NC(2009) ..? ..The Lighthouse: ?Local Artist Showcase? by Power 95.5Rocky Mount,NC (2020) ..? ..The Pirate?s Den : Greenville,NC (2020) Radio Interviews and online interviews: ..? ..Larry Pickett Show (Local TV Show)- Raleigh, NC ; ..? ..Foxy 99 (?Independent Spotlight?) ? Fayetteville, NC ; ..? ..Soul 92 Jams (?Carolina Home Jamz) ? Rocky Mount, NC ; ..? ..WZMB (91.3) (? Local Love?) & :Session with the Band?(2009)- Greenville, NC ; ..? ..Beats and (Online Interview)- Ohio ..? ..? ..Da Cave Radio ? ?Indie Spotlight?(2009) ..? ..DJ Ike G Da ?s Radio show ? ?Indie Spotlight? ? ?Street Legends? ..? ..Grind City Show ? Radio interview- (2009) ..? ..Prop Joe Radio Show ? ?Radio interview ?based outta Danville,VA (2010) ..? ..BigTyme TV Show ? TV Interview- Raleigh,NC (July 2010) ..? ..Off Da Chain (Next Level)? Local TV Show (2010) ..? ..Soul 92 Jams? Street Legends? (REMIX) debuts on ?Swag or Trash? 7 straight swags and no trash! The Dee Jays love the song!! ..? ..Street Legends? is getting heavy spins around NC as well as outside of NC!! Online stations have put it in rotations! ..? ..Radio Promo for Paul Andre at Power 95.5 for ?the afternoon get together?(u can hear it as we speak) Magazines: ..? ..Raw UK based online magazine ; featured Artist (2000) ..? ..Hip magazine); featured in the ?Next2 Blow? section; (2002) ..? ..Hungry MC?s Magazine- VA Indy Magazine (2004) ..? ..Mixer Magazine , featured artist, Greenville, NC (2009) &(2010) ..? ..Rap Lord Magazine, featured artist, Raleigh, NC (2009) &(2010) ..? ..Rap Solution, featured artist, Atlanta, GA (2009) ,(2010) ..? ..Carolina All ?Carolina Highlight? (2009) ..? ..One Ten Magazine ? ?A&R Report? (2009) Online Music Sites: ..? ..Rocket In the top 100 on the charts ..? Debut at NUMBER ONE in the charts ..? ?Track of the Day? on Nov.27, 2005 for ?Ghetto Life?, February 21, 2008 for ?I Remember? in the Hip-Hop Charts,& March 2,2010 for ?Street Legends? ft. Big Hop ..? ?Song of the Day? twice for 2 different songs, one of the most talked about person on this site! ..? Unsigned Spotlight for the month of March. ..? Artist Spotlight in 2002 ..? ..MakeAStar - ?Ghetto Life? 8.143 out of 10 and also made it to the quarterfinals! ..? ?Ghetto Life? was given 3 out of 5 stars! ..? in rotation based out of Atlanta, GA ..? ..MADD in rotation based out of Chicago, IL ..? ?I Remember? is holding steady in the top 10 in the Hip Hop Charts at number 7! ..? ?I Remember? currently in rotation, ..? Featured artist ..? - ?I Remember? given 3 out of 5 stars! ..? ..Memphis Remember? debut in the top 100! ..? ? ?I Remember? in the top 50 on the Hip Hop Charts! ..? Featured Artist of the month, October, 2009 ..? ?I Remember? and ?Street Legends ft Big Hop? on sell now there! ..? ..Yo! ?Street Legends? (Bump it or Dump it) ? 2009 ..? ..Song Currently ranked no. 42 in the overall charts. (Street Legends?) ..? ..Audio Featured Artist ..? ..Disk factory Currently ranked in the top 20 in the overall Chart with ?I Remember? and in the top 5 at no. 3 with the same song! ..? ..Currently on Yahoo Music Site Mixtapes and compilations: ..? ..URScene Records- ?Bump Dis? ..? ..Hungry MC?s Magazine Compilation- ?Ghetto Life? ..? ..Mix Tape Massacre hosted by Chuck Massacre ? ?Ghetto Life? ..? ?4 Tha? Club? and ?Mass Destruction? ..? ..Clear Channel Radio -(Urban) 2407 ("I Remember") and 3071 (?Street Legends ft. Big Hop")in 3 week and steady moving up the charts as we speak, also as ?Artist 2 Watch? ..? ..Carolina Blue Print Mix tape with DTP Recording Artist Small World, hosted by DJ Don Cannon, ?I Remember? ..? ..Coast 2 Coast Mix Tape Showcase, Volume 34 mixed by DJ J. Boogie ?I Remember? ..? ..Carolina Mix tape -Hosted & Mixed by K97.5's Wade Banner & Soul 104.5 FM WCCG DJ Profluent ..? ..?We Got Now Vol.1 ?DJ B-Ski- ?Street Legends ? ft. Big Hop (2010) ..? ..?We Got Now Vol.2 ?Hosted by Lo-Key ? ?My Time? (2010) COMMENTS on ?I Remember?and ?Street Legends? ft. Big Hop: ..? ..DJ Green Lantern says: ?Finally this is what I am talking about! A song with nobody getting killed? ..? ..DJ King Bee from South Carolina says; ?Ronnie Run is the truth he is nice on the mic?! ..? ..Big Skye (2Pac homie) Says: Ronnie Run sounds like a new version of Biz Markie?. ..? ..Niki Nicole (former DJ for Kiss 102) out of GA says: I like this track and I will pass it on to my fellow DJs?. ..? ..DJ Slice (Power 95.5 out of Rocky Mount, NC) says; A real good commercial song ..? ..CDub (Soul 92 Jamz) _Another banga from my homie!! Feelin this track!! This is what a real song sounds like!! OTHER ACCOMPLISHMMENTS: Signed to a independent record company out of Arizona (Deka Records)
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Bring It Back!! (164 Radio)

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