Queenie is an Enya-like singer songwriter of Japanese/American ancestry. Fans of Happy Rhodes and Kate Bush have been enchanted by her modern fairy tale sound and her haunting, spectacular voice.

I am always looking for an artist. One seems to have to glean through a myriad of entities screaming "Listen to me!", "Hear what I have to say!" and then one comes across a still small voice whispering: "This is how I hear it..." and then you know you are in the presence of a gifted heart.

Chapman James
Folk Critic

Queenie's introspective, memorable songs recall Kate Bush, Milla Jovovich and Happy Rhodes.

Daryl Cater, ChicagoGigs.com

QUEENIE is an album with a fresh voice -- 12 songs that blend Queenie's angelic ethereal vocals and harmonies with the soothing sounds of Classical guitar and piano.

QUEENIE possesses Enya-like lushness and the darkness of Sarah McLachlan. Songs from this album have topped global charts. Great songs and a phenomenal female voice.

If you are searching for deep, introspective music that is unlike anything on radio or the Billboard Charts, then QUEENIE is for you. Queenie's siren-like voice and melancholy arrangements create storybook worlds that wait to enchant you into their depths.

Queenie's beautiful original works are part medieval melody and part pop-song. Her sound is a Midwestern original that owes nothing to the typical Chicagoan sound, but instead gently reminisces old songs and lullabyes. Queenie's songs have often been compared to the Lord of the Rings movie soundtracks.

In the exquisite collection of songs on the QUEENIE CD, themes vary from the perils of living in a fantasy world in "Hiding", to a bittersweet reminiscence on a Chicago "L" train in Jonathan, to a sung account of Queenie's own teenage experiences with night terrors in "Monsters".

If you are a fan of the singer-songwriters of the 1960's and 1970's, preferring the Bob Dylans and the Joni Mitchells of yesteryear to the pre-formulated angst of today, you will enjoy QUEENIE.

QUEENIE will take you to a world where you have always wanted to go, where music is simple and as gentle as a spirit.

A gentle and beautiful message of peace, originally written for the independent project www.CarePackageCD.com to benefit families affected by the 2005 Asian tsunami.

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
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Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring by J.S. Bach
Traditional J.S. Bach piece used in weddings, often gets played at Christmastime.

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5/3/2007 9:31:28 AM
Proud to have had your incredible talent in our "The Moon" and in "Afterlife".
Greetings from your friends & fans in Italy,

Augusto & the band



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February 2005--Website launch of dreamofflight.com, Queenie's free music site and preview of her second album, Dream of Flight

January 2005--Queenie song WHY included on Care Package CD, available at www.carepackagecd.com
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