Humdaisy was formed in the fall of 1993 at “the College formally known as Trenton State,” (now the College of New Jersey). It was there that guitarist Scott “Buck” Rieger met vocalist Pam Wilson, and where late night house parties turned into “open mike nights” with Pam, Buck, and several drunken friends.

It wasn’t until after they graduated that Buck approached Pam about adding some vocal tracks on a few original songs he had been recording. As the project developed, they asked another college buddy, bassist Mike Kelleher, to join in the fun. Talk of starting a band soon emerged, and when Mike recruited friend and fellow Trenton State student Craig Comperatore to play drums, a band had formed. The new group called themselves Flour and quickly began playing college parties and local clubs around the Trenton and Philadelphia areas. The group of drunken friends had now become the core of an energetic and dedicated fan base.

As Flour continued to work the local circuits with some hit-and-miss originals and a hand full of trusty covers, they eventually discovered their ‘sound.’ They also discovered that there were three other bands named Flour. In November of 1996, the band changed it’s name to Humdaisy, and within a year they began working on their debut album.

Deflowered was released in 1998 to some very positive reviews. The Aquarian Weekly described Humdaisy as “an alluring alterna-pop outfit that weld the wide-eyed innocence and soaring idealism of Natalie Merchant circa-1988 with the rock-worthy hooks of Letters to Cleo, Garbage, MagnaPop, Mary's Danish, and Blondie.” Shortly following the release of the disc, Humdaisy added guitarist and fellow Trenton State alum Bryan McKenna to the line up. The addition of Bryan’s guitar and vocals gave Humdaisy a fuller, richer, and more diverse sound.

Humdaisy’s newest album, Bite My Tongue, showcases the band’s maturity and experience. Released in February 2001, the disc was clearly their finest work yet, cleverly integrating pop, folk, and alternative feels with their signature melodic vocal harmonies. The result is a collection of well-written and intelligent pop songs that feature unique chord progressions, interesting arrangements, and memorable melodies.

Craig Comperatore: Drums,
Bryan McKenna: Rhythm Guitar,
Mikey Kelleher: Bass,
Scott Reiger: Lead Guitar,
Pam Wilson: Lead Vocals

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