Komputadora is my artist name. It isn't the name of the band I play in though, because that's called Komputadora All The Way Live. We play rock and roll music. Sometimes, as Komputadora, I make music that isn't rock and roll. Recording music presents a different pallette than performing it. But mostly I make rock and roll even when I'm recording, because the musical truths I channel are most likely to rock.

note from mr strauss:

Komputadora, a rock and roll metaphysician, is

the sovereign
epic original rocking house-a-billy

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

Charmander Revolution

h h

Who's the Roller
This track features vox by rapper Level Lexx.

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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Ziplok iacmusic.com check out Ziplok Thanx, Nice name dude.
Millie, WATERPLANET band Added "Sovereign" to my zing!flip!squash! station. Really like the name Pop Goes Lethal--very clever. Listen to our band when you get a chance and let us know what you think.
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Komputadora is a co-founder of Pop Goes Lethal. He is one of a team of three pop goes lethal artists. He, like his fellow PGL artists, has devoted himself and his work to the pursuit of truth. He attempts to manifest immortal musical truths as faithfully as possible.

He also heads Komputadora All The Way Live. Token, the first song listed, is a live recording of KATWL. It features all three PGL artists, but it is wholly Komputadora's work.

It is important to note that Mateo Katez and mr strauss both gladly fill subordinate roles in this project. Also, both are fully realized artists with their own projects and work. This is noted because it conveys something very significant about the methodology by which successful work is accomplished.
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