Wild Geese Record Production Company is here for you and the music. Wild Geese Production was started in Kingston Jamaica by Adrian Shippy (aka A John) in 1986 with a young group of artists who were always around singing on the corner of Sutton and Duke St. While doing his daily business, Ajohn loved music and decided to produce his own song. He loved working with the cool harmony of Raphael Foster aka Romeo Django and his first single became the beginning of Wild Geese Production. Wild Geese's first songs came to the dancehall from artists like Django with Ladies Night, Little Wayne with Concard Money, Obediah and Django with Telephone Me, and Fungusman with Tan Good This Year. Soon Wild Geese was well known and was sought out by all kinds of new talent. This launched the next wave of artists like Little Harry, Junior Spyce (now known as Al Sencere or Alrick Depass), Gunzales, Teddy Banton, Mikey Lawyah, Early Black, Bounty Hunter and Baby Wayne. Later, Wild Geese crew added a few new ideas to their label. Adrian (A John) Shippy appointed artists Django and Al Sencere as share holders in the company. Django became the new president, Al Sencere the manager, This way they were able to move the company forward in the right direction. In its new phase Wild Geese is bringing the music full force to the public with talents like Little Blackie, Singing Honor, CKoo Slim, Sampaloo, Prince Pin, Little Lolley, Bobby-T, Wisky Baggio, Patrice , Shantel and Andria, Patrice, andria and Shantel make up the Wild Geese harmony trio. It also has music veterans in its roster: Talent-X, Callalooman, Fancy Black, Steve Machete, Colonel.LLOYDIE and LOUIE CULTURE Wild Geese expects to get more talent in the mix and pave way for those who are hungry to express and enjoy solid music. We are also in the process of opening a record shop and studio in the near future.that will be SAV-LA-MAR WESTMORELAND JAMAICA, WILD GEESE RECORD PRODUCTION CANADA WILL BE LAUNCHED IN 2008 , JAH BLESS.

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