The McGunks formed in 2003 out of the remains of other notable Boston area bands with a goal of writing songs for the modern drunkard. Using classic 50’s pop rock sensibility and a strong punk rock ethic combined with roots rock styles as diverse as country and celtic music The McGunks have discovered a way to create songs that are both familiar and new. With song titles such as “3 More Beers” and “Can’t Drink Here No More” it is easy to figure out what The McGunks influence is. In 2005 The McGunks released their first full length album entitled “Here Comes the Shame” independently to favorable reviews. That album, which was re-released in 2008 due to popular demand, enabled The McGunks to perform on select dates of the 2005 warped tour, a finals position in the 2006 WBRU rock hunt as well as sharing the stage with notable Boston area bands such as Street Dogs & the Ducky Boys. The band, Bob Kadlec (vocals/guitar), Joe Fernandes (guitar/vocals), John Stone (drums), and Pete Martone (bass/vocals) look forward to releasing their second full length album “Ugly American Dream” on Winter Street Records in early 2009. Following the release of “Ugly American Dream” The McGunks will continue to perform through out the New England area and where ever else there is alcohol.

Maybe Tomorrow

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3 More Beers
"3 more beers will make ya feel better, youll seem pretty and we could get together..."

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The McGunks

1/13/2010 11:04:32 PM
KC's Tap/Cat's - 8pm - 21+
w/ The Doll Eyes, 8Hr Waste, Eddie & The Louvers, Bad Blood & The Cruelty

Club Hell - 8PM - ALL AGES - $10adv/$12 door
w/ THE SUPERSUCKERS & Girl Haggard

Broad Street Tap - 8PM - 21+
w/ bands TBA

London Billiards/Club Oasis - 8PM - 18+
w/ Avely, Critical Condition, CTA, Insufficient Evidence & more...

The McGunks

7/16/2009 2:10:56 AM
Ralph's Diner
w/ For What It's Worth, The Pity Whores & TBA - 21+

Bank Street Cafe
w/ Train of Thought & TBA - 21+

The Blackstone
w/ Wicked Whiskey, Badblood & The Cruelty, The Dolleyes - 21+

Broad Street Tap
w/ The Doll Eyes, For What Its Worth - 21+

w/ MUNG, Drago & Blood Vessels - 8PM - 21+

New Wave Cafe
w/ Badblood & The Cruelty, Wicked Whiskey & TBA - 21+

Punks For a Princess at The Blackstone
w/ The Agents, 8Hr Waste, The Jerktones, and lots more!! - 21+



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CHECK OUT MCGUNKS.COM FOR UPDATES AND SHOWS!!! - June 12th 2009 - Slight changes to the website today to make things operate better. We also have new 1" pins and posters on the way. The McGunks bottle openers are going quick... Got lots of good shows coming up and it seems that our next full length CD "Ugly American Dream" may still be a reality. There will be McGunks t-shirts available again soon as well. Thanks!

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The McGunks