"New Nobility" has taken the indie charts by storm across the globe with Galactic from their newest album BLUE BUTTERFLY

Fly Over
New Nobility new single Fly Over

Alternative Modern Rock
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Rebel Hero
New Nobility song Rebel Hero

Hard Alternative
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Love by New Nobility

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Asian Girl
Asian Girl by New Nobility

Alternative Rock
h h


Alternative Pop Rock
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Make a Better World
Lets make a Bettew World awarded song:World peace film and music award-India,Music Aid 07-U.K

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10/13/2009 5:38:48 AM
New Nobility Band new album Blue Butterfly(revolution)OUT NOW!



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NewNobilityBand   New Nobility new singl Rebel Hero OUT NOW! http://www.emusic.com/album/New-Nobility-Rebel-hero-MP3-Download/11867040.html

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