MUSIC, and Nothing else!

At 20, i do what i can with what i have!

My passion for music made me the person that i am today

I grew up in three different countries, Cote d'ivoire, France,and Lebanon,in which i lived aweful ordils, and magical amazing moments. My being is rooted in three different continents , and the three diferent cultures, inspire me , and whisper in my ears different notes, and words.

Frustrated of not being musically independent Im looking for collaborations. Join me on a musical journey. I know in the bottom of my heart that with a little perseverence, i will meet good pple,and create good connections, because, at 20, it's very easy to lose oneself in this big world.

Thank you for listening to me,


Le cadre Photo
This is a french translation of JOHN PIPPUS 's song "Burry Photograph"

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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John Pippus

10/19/2009 10:14:47 PM
Great working with you. Looking forward to more collaborations.



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Paris France
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John Pippus Welcome to IAC. There's a ton of good music here. Hey folks, Chyrs took my song "Blurry Photograph" and translated it into French and put her vocal on it. It's called "Le Cadre Photo". Check it out!
bryon tosoff great talent here in Chrystelle for sure John.....she really made that song shine
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John We won third place in the 'world' catagory!
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hello everyone! i translated for John Pippus the wonderful song "Blurry Photograph " in French and recorded it in my Bedroom... and guesse what???!!!
it is in the finals on IAC!! THANK YOU! Thank you sooo much!
Psyche Folk

4/19/2014 7:09:34 PM
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