I live in West Chester, PA and go to school in Durham, NC. I'm currently in my third year working towards a degree in Philosophy. I've been playing the drums for about 10 years and the guitar for 7. I have a pretty decent home studio in my basement in West Chester and I record my own material that I write and perform myself there whenever I get the chance.

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Minan Hi! Your music is so beautiful!..really dreamy...
* Your song 'See You In Hell' has just been added to Harvard Classics station!
* Your song 'Be Mine' has just been added to KIAC Platinum Hits station!
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10/21/05: The album will be released very soon. In the meantime, I've got a new website. Check it out.


8/16/05: Looks like the album is going to be somewhere between 12 and 14 tracks long. Many of these tracks are nearing completeness, at least in terms of the recording phase. Mastering happens on September 29th, Adam's birthday! Songs to add to the list already mentioned include "Pretend," "Life As A Pawn Is Not So Bad," "People Talk," "Subtlety," and "Just Another Night." If certain songs do end up becoming b-sides, who knows? We could always put them on an EP or something....

8/10/05: The album's coming along really well. Several songs are almost completely finished, including "Everybody Knows," "Be Mine" (the new version sounds a lot better than the crappy one available for download here, sorry ;) ), "She's Having Fun," "The Great Airborn Attack," and another one that's untitled, although I've been calling it "Blue." Of course, even after we finish all the recording, we'll still have to get the thing mastered, not to mention duplicated. So I'm guessing we'll actually release it at some point in the winter. That's all for now.

8/1/05: I just got back from my last major road trip of the summer (been traveling every freakin' weekend) and so now it's time for the magic to really start happening full-force. We've gotten started on the "Final" versions of these songs, and hopefully by the end of the month the album will be completed. At the moment we're working on "Be Mine" and a song called "Everybody Knows."

6/25/05: Yesterday our computer broke down completely. We can't record without it so all progress on the album is put on hold until we can get it fixed.
10/22/2005 5:22:13 PM
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