Independent Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Harrisburg, PA.
Classically trained vocalist and composer.
Genres include Pop, R&B, Electronica, Dance, Ambient, Acoustic and classical.


Eclectic Pop
h h


Gay Pop
h h

Used to Be
Simple pop, echoed manipulation and electronic synths blend with hard hitting percussion until sweeping strings take over at the end.

Electronic Pop
h h

The Way You Did Last Night
An electronic/folk pop feel with steady percussion, synths, acoustic guitar and twang accent the soft lyrical lines.

Eclectic Pop
h h

Dance, Dance
Simple pop track with arpeggiated melodies and heavy bass.

Gay Pop
h h

Electronic effects and melodies let this low-percussion track to focus on effects and lyrical content.

Electronic Pop
h h

Past Lives
Mixing strings, piano, electronic elements, and orchestral synths with RnB style percussion.

Eclectic Pop
h h

This Bed
Piano, synth and simple R&B style percussion let the lyrical lines take front and center. Electronic harmonies help add more heart to the track.

Urban Pop
h h

Growing Pains
Electronic instruments and sounds blend to bring out the heartfelt lyrics floating over. Best part, I was sick when I recorded this. Hopefully it's not horrible :)

Electronic Pop
h h

Acoustic guitar leads the raw vocals filled in with classically influenced harmonies.

h h

No Longer Made of Stone
Acoustic piano, with simple percussion influenced the soulful vocals leading the song along with faded harmonies and electronic effects to round out the feel of the track.

Acoustic ballad
h h

See the Sun
Reminiscent of 4-Non Blondes, gentle swaying guitar leads to more mellow but upbeat piano and drums with single layer vocals until later in the song. A freeing track that's meant to allow for reflection but no so much that you get stuck in the past.

Acoustic Pop
h h

One of my favorites! Hard hitting melodic lines throughout the instrumental itself mix with vocals and gritty vocal effects. A mid-tempo car-banger.

Electronic Pop
h h

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3/11/2020 2:34:47 AM
When a blind man bears the standard pity those who follow…. Where ignorance is bliss ‘tis folly to be wise…. 5G Male

Bryon Tosoff

10/7/2015 9:01:57 AM
Mario, outstanding works, very amazing variety of music you have composed, welcome. bryon



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