Hello and God Bless IMP.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~L

For anyone interested,
there are some ALJ and some BEATLESEX videos at our YouTube channel:


Nothing very recent; I forgot the password many years ago. But there are some cool videos we did quite a few years back now. On YouTube.

Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion:
Big Dick Whitman
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals:
Dick Balsam
Lead Guitar & Vocals:
Dick Richardson
Bass Guitar & Vocals:
Dick McGregor
Drums, Percussion, Pots & Pans:
Dick Cocky
Produced by:
Silent Dick Manifesto, Esquire

Well, no, it's all me, basically.
I am all of you, and if you figure that out,
boy are you ahead of the game. ~L

Cryin' In A Heap

Hard Rock
h h

Sue Supernova
Okay, we're gonna say this just once. We're The Complete Dicks. So, it stands to reason, we'll be singing about some kind of adult-related themes. That said, Listener Discretion is Advised, if you find yourself here at our page at the home of Indie Music; Indie Music People.com All our sales proceeds go entirely to IMP. We're f***in' rich as f***, we don't need it. -The Dicks

New Wave
h h

She Wins Every Argument
We had to do at least ONE song that girls would actually like.

h h

Fast Cars Loose Women

New Wave
h h

A Few Good Men
Hey, we're a pop group. Here to entertain. You like us. You don't. What'd you expect with a name like this, Shakespeare?

New Wave
h h

Fender Precision
A true story.

New Wave
h h

She's Got The Bounce
This and the next one we'll release may be our favorites. -DW

New Wave
h h

Am I A Fool To Care

Neo New Wave
h h

Gee, I Love To Shag Fat Girls
The bass player wrote this one. Yeah I'll blame it on Paul. Dick, Dick, I meant Dick. What is it? Dick McGregor, yeah, Paul, I mean Dick did it. They'll all find out the truth about you. Hahaha. This work may be a work of sarcasm. I hope so. -DW

Neo New Wave
h h

Tired Being Peckerled
I understand that the illustrious LESLEY JANE has Claimed To Be Us. We don't know what the fuck she's talking about. -Dick Whitman

Neo New Wave
h h

Lonely Mind
This could have been a record by another band here, but it's kind of dark, so it's a record by The Complete Dicks. I suppose there is some kind of method to this madness. Not sure what it is.

Dark Heavy Pop
h h

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Two Silo Complex

4/8/2016 2:19:58 PM
Dear Complete Dick's I apologize deeply and humbly for the trouble I caused your thread. You indeed have a right to promote your record.

I will try my best to keep the dust to a low rumble next time.

Thanks for your kind compliments and your excellent work.

Best regards,

The Complete Dicks

4/4/2016 10:05:24 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen... The Complete Dicks.



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