Ever since I was a teen, I knew there was something extraordinary about life. Although the world issues weren’t hidden away from me, I still found out its truth that I can make it in this world with persistency and follow through. The world around me is sick and is hurting. Thus began my dreaming in relieving people of their sorrow and woes through hustle music.

I got into film and television production while attending high school. I became the owner and CEO of Da Kee INC in 2008 and did a few of my own short films.

I love the idea of writing songs that would uplift individuals to follow their dreams, pursuing their passions, and hustling hard. Becoming a leader was probably the best route I ever took in life and I won’t be swayed to go in any other direction.

Ride Ride Ride

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

Turnt Up

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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