Kim Kondrashoff

The noted West Coast performer Kim Kondrashoff is an accomplished musician singer, songwriter, & veteran of numerous country & rock bands. Kim's original compositions received a three star selection from Vancouver Province's music critic Tom Harrison. His songs have been featured on C.B.C. Radio [""Coastal Grooves""] and independent radio stations worldwide. As a veteran character actor, Kim has been seen in COLD SQUAD, X-FILES, MacGYVER, and many other t.v. series and movies. His extensive feature film credits include working one on one with such stars as Dennis Miller [""BORDELLO OF BLOOD""] Aidan Quinn [""STAKE OUT""] and Jody Foster [""THE ACCUSED""] for which Ms. Foster received an Academy Award. Stage credits include numerous productions with every major Theatre company in Vancouver including the Vancouver Playhouse and the Art's Club. Kim is the recipient of Vancouver's ""Jessie Theatre Award"" for ensemble acting. He has performed in over 100 CBC radio dramas.

Red Shoes
Sexy Bump'n'Grind R'n'b

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R'n'b Funk

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Something Sad & Strange
Straight Ahead In your Face Rock

Adult Contemporary
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Kim Kondrashoff