Howlin’ Waters career had an auspicious start as an original member of Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band in Lake Joanna, Florida, circa 1974. Laying down guitar grooves and leads alongside guitarist Ernie Lancaster, Howlin’ was part of the startup band that eventually led to Root Boy Slim’s outfit.

However, the West was calling, and Howlin’ left the laid-back lifestyle of Florida, heading to Hollywood and The Sunset Strip where bands were playing nightly seeking their shot at fame and fortune.

Playing the Hollywood clubs with pop-rockers Perfect Stranger and Video Nu-r, Howlin’ proceeded to play shows with bands as diverse as Canned Heat, The Guess Who & punk outfit Crime, but felt that his heart was really in the roots and Blues music he grew up on in the South. Howlin’ returned to Florida playing Soul and Rhythm & Blues music 6 nights a week on the Florida chitlin’ circuit, and opening shows for Danny Joe Brown/Molly Hatchet, Humble Pie & Steppenwolf.

He began concentrating on his Blues playing in the early 80’s, and returned to L.A. in hopes of securing a record deal writing and performing Blues-Rock music. This, however proved to be a hard-sell in a time when the public was enamored with acts like Boy George and The Thompson Twins.

While Howlin’ was in L.A. playing various biker clubs in The San Fernando Valley, fortunately Stevie Ray Vaughan’s star was rising and the word went out across the U.S. that Austin, Texas was a town that welcomed Blues music and the musicians that played it!

Howlin’ packed up and headed to Austin in the late 80’s, quickly becoming a regular on the city’s 6th Street entertainment district. Upon receiving a phone call from an old friend in Florida, Howlin’ took a gig with Big Dick & The Extenders in the Florida Keys in 1990, playing 8 shows a week to rowdy college crowds.

When that gig concluded, Howlin’ returned to Austin, as lead singer and bassist with The Snakeboy Johnson Band. The group toured the Southwest from 1994 to ’97, playing a blues-club circuit that spanned Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Sensing it was time to front his own band, Howlin’ began booking shows as Howlin’ Waters / Howlin’ Waters Band, and continues to play upward of 100-125 shows yearly in the Central Texas area, releasing his original Blues-Rock music on fledgling label, Falcon Blues Records.

Join Howlin’ Waters and see a club veteran from the 1970’s playing soulful Blues-Rock with an authentic vibe to every song!

Beautiful Buzz
Texas groovin' shuffle in a style similar to SRV!

Blues Rock
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