Keith Jacobs’ music has a style and vibe that pierces through our feelings with subtle sonic influences from Houston’s iconic music culture. He sings with sensuality, appreciating every aspect of a woman. He’s loyal to his artistry, and the music holds the key to his soul. He’s intriguing; forcing you to want to know more about the man and the artist.No stranger to love, Keith Jacobs often finds himself as the muse in which his lyrics flow, embodying the good and bad experiences of his life. He’s transparently honest and true to his music. It doesn’t come as a surprise that by sharing his art with the world, he wants us to not be afraid of being transparent in our relationships.With the release of his debut EP, Still Tippin’, Keith Jacobs shares his emotions and wants us to trust him with ours. Musically inspired by Diddy, Ryan Leslie and The Dream, Still Tippin’ takes us on an impulsive and melodic ride. Keith Jacobs’ ambition and artistry will not allow you to forget who he is, nor will it allow him to fail. You’ll find that passion to succeed evident in his lyrics, as well as what’s most important to him: family, loyalty and constant progression.


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Eve Harrell

9/1/2019 12:01:16 PM
I always appreciate people who work in computer science because I have great interest in it and according to reliable Jacob nelson had a great effort in human computer interaction and they cab inspiration for the student who are working on computer and science.



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Keith Jacobs